About the Book Series
About the Author
Veduna Chair
Vedun ensemble

Volume 1
Life without food and
eternity of spiritual messages

of the North-American Indians

Volume 2
Boundless singing ties
of the body and spirit

of the Mexican Maya

Volume 3
Alchemy of the harmony
between the Earth and sky

of the prehistoric wisdom
of Siberian shamans

Volume 4
Mysteries of life,
death and the soul

in the ancient Vedic tradition
of the Indonesian Balinese

Volume 5
Timeless weaving of
the mind and abundance

of the Hawaiian Ka-huna tradition

Volume 6
Spiritual and sonic surgery
in the portals of attunement

of the Aborigines, Brazilians
and Filipinos

Volume 7
Star magic and the keys of life
of the ancient Egyptians
and ancient Greeks

Volume 8
Sonic yarn of love within
the fabric of relationships

in the Indo-European, Slavic,
Celtic-Illyrian and
ancient Slovenian heritage

Volume 9
Light and sound threads
of songs and fairy-tales

of ancient Slovenians


About the book series

In her 9-volume book series, COSMIC TELEPATHY or WISDOM BEYOND THOUGHTS AND AUDIBLE SOUND OF THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE, which depicts her personal life and spiritual journey and the forgotten cognition of various peoples and cultures, Mira Omerzel – Mirit has described her own life experiences in unveiling the mystery of life, the audible and inaudible sound as well as the invisible energy which creates and tunes in everything that exists. Mira Omerzel – Mirit has touched the wisdom of various civilisations and described her meetings with sages, healers, shamans, spiritual teachers and leaders of various peoples and ethnic groups, having travelled among them principally during the last decade (between 2000 and 2010). She has visited: Hope, Navajo and Apache Indians, Indonesian balians, Maya and Siberian shamans, Hawaiian kahunas, Tibetan lamas and Indian jyotish rshies, Brazilian and Filipino psychic or cosmical surgeons … who have characterised her words as the sacred books of the future. Spiritual lessons of various peoples and civilisations are brought together into a unified whole or into a unique comprehensive planetary wisdom.

In this 9-volume book series (which philanders with the symbolism of the nine levels of consciousness), the reader is taken into the age-old wisdom of our ancient ancestors before the time that saw the start to the counting of years. Old cognisance has namely been unjustly marked as “heretic” and unreal. The truth is quite the opposite. In each book, Mirit strives to penetrate one basic layer of the past multi-faceted spiritual erudition of those that have come before us. When one topic (book) is understood and accepted, we can continue our journey to the next, as if climbing up the nine stairs of a Maya pyramid. But only all together do they comprehensively make sense of the essential recognitions of life, leading us towards understanding our own (Slovenian and Slavic) essence and culture, unburdening us from the chaotic seeking of our own identity and the identity of our planet, unveiling the path towards satisfied prosperity. The time has come to awaken them one more time.