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Volume 7

The Magic of the Stars and the Keys to Life
of the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks

Ancient Egyptian philosophy of life is the foundation of European Mysteries of being, even myths and legends, customs and rituals. The ancient age notion of trinity is the most important symbol of ancient philosophy, even the Egyptian one. In the previous volumes, we have travelled through important ancient spiritual monuments in order to better understand our own, European - Slavic and Slovenian culture, anchored into time and space also by the Egyptian and Greek life philosophy. The Egyptian mentality was anchored in the so called live Cosmos, so brilliantly expressed by the thoughts and wisdom of Hermes Trismegistos, and also by the tales of Toth, Amun-Ra, Isis in Osiris or Horus – the symbol of an awakened human. The Egyptian wisdom cannot but unveil the multidimensional consciousness and variety of sonic tools. The creator Atum is, even here, the ungraspable essence or intelligence of life, constantly creating and changing the world. The mysteries of Isis and Osiris are sacralised through the magic of pyramids, temples, Gods and the magic of stars. They are also interwoven with the magical words of power or the sound of sounds. Meanwhile, the Book of the Dead brings awareness to the living, preparing them for the ritual death of everything distorted or everything that is not true, compassionate love.

The famous Emerald Tablets and the teaching of Egyptian ancestors take us through Hermes's initiation of the holy serpent or through the rituals of the sacralised. Mirit unveils her experience on the Egyptian soil, especially the essence of the so called star curses, cosmic or star initiations which still lurk in the Egyptian artwork (museums, therefore), bearing proof to the exceptional knowledge of connecting the cosmic with the earthly. The contemporaries are far from being able to top that. Words or sounds of power are the keys of life, creating the beauty of perfection and completeness, harmony, health and sacredness of life in the songs and prayers of priests and priestesses of music. The secrets of Egyptian wisdom unveil ways to become in tune with the whole, opening the path towards the dormant or as of yet undiscovered abilities. Meanwhile, one can still trace the echoes of ancient Egyptian wisdom in the folk customs and rituals of the European space.

Many ancient Greek wise-ones have studied in ancient Egypt, which was the centre of knowledge from all parts of the world. Egypt was also the place of study for Orpheus and Pythagoras. The ancient Greek wisdom of sacred geometry or the sacred ratios is impregnated with the discoveries of Egyptian priests. Meanwhile, the Greek myths and legends in their secret symbolic language which the author tries to convey to the readers, actually tell us how to reach the goal of life – an awake state of peace, joy and prosperity. Therefore, the author in this volume touches upon the myths of Orpheus – singer and lyrist – who searched for his beloved Eurydice (a symbol of unconditional love) and divine perfection; she describes Pythagoras’s search and his priesthood order and the search for the “harmony of spheres” or the inaudible frequency undulation of the cosmic incarnating in the physical world. Pythagoras’s sacred geometry takes us into the symbolism of multidimensional reality and through the knowledge of attuned harmony, unveiling the secret symbolism of sound and mental forms. The Eleusinian and other Mysteries only serve as help in discovering the eternal wisdom.