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About the Author

Mira Omerzel - Mirit, BA in Ethnology and PhD in Ethnomusicology, is a freelance researcher, spiritual teacher, musician and clairsentient cosmic telepath – medium for the  Source Energy of Life and the audible or inaudible Universal Frequency Undulation, the founder of the Trutamora Slovenica and Vedun ensembles as well as the Veduna Chair  for the Development of Consciousness and Spiritual Self-Healing. The fulfilment of her mission dates back to already 15 years of age. She has worked as an ethnomusicological research for no less than 40 years, having not dedicated herself only to the ethnomusicological study of Slovenian, European and world instruments and sound producing implements, but also to the uncovering of the deepest essence of sound. She is the author of numerous ethnological, ethnomusicological, ethno-archeo-musicological dissertations, articles, books and lectures, TV and radio shows and series, LPs, CDs and sound carriers (jointly with the Vedun ensemble) for spiritual awareness and self-healing with sound. She is the pioneer of studying and teaching the wisdom of sound in Slovenia as well as in Croatia and acts as a teacher of many spiritual teachers in Slovenia and abroad. Mirit studies and revives the spiritual and sound tradition of our ancient Slovenian and Slavic ancestors (she is the keeper of their wisdom) as well as the knowledge of sound and the spirit of different civilisations – both of earthly and so-called cosmic nature (in folk language) – bringing them together in a unique, comprehensive planetary teaching. As a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher, a so-called wisdom keeper of ancient Slovenians and Slavs as well as a so-called intercultural runner she has also seen the recognition of sages from other cultures. Mirit is a cosmic telepath, who has lived without food since 2000, thus nourishing herself with cosmic energy of life which she can also transfer to all those in need thereof for their balance, health and spiritual growth.