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Volume 6

Spiritual and Sound Surgery in the Portals of Attunement
of the Aboriginal People of Australia, Brazilians, and Filipinos

In this book, the researcher, spiritual traveller and sonic surgeon takes us through dreamtime of out-of-body travellers through the dimensions of Creation, reality and being: among the Aborigines that have, similarly to Siberian kams, managed to preserve the ancient age wisdom of living in tune up to today.The Aborigines still seek the knowledge and life visions in the Sky, as they say: they do this with the help of a secret tool mapampa. Initiation rites in solitude with no food or water, accompanied by incredible body interventions enable them to connect to the highest frequency undulation of their own consciousness through near-death experience. In this way, they touch upon the great auditory Logos of the Universe, where the seeds for all forms and events on Earth are hidden, along with the imprints or information on all past events. The shamanic voyage of the Aboriginal nángaris between different realms reaches beyond space and time, into the colourful timelessness of sound, their art is therefore a priestly tool and a memento, connecting spiritual seekers to Lalai or the mentally incomprehensible Source of life and being. The story of an ill girl who wanted to become a shaman, takes us into the medicine of the spirit and medicine of the body and through 7 fundamental levels of consciousness in healing the bodies or the soul. The true masters there are also child healers.  

Among the wonders of the past and present we also find the so called psychic or cosmic surgery, which was once most probably the most important form of self-tuning. It has been preserved to this day mostly in Brazil and the Philippines. It has a secret power to heal one's spirit and body and attune all levels of consciousness with the Source perfection. It is incomprehensible, down-right miraculous, and yet possible, and it confirms the ancient wisdom of connecting Heaven and Earth, the material and the immaterial. In fact, this unique surgery is a connection of the human spirit to the Source Intelligence residing in each one of our cells. A true scalpel of the Logoid idea of integrity. Surgery without any instruments is also a unique proof for an open cosmic portal in human hearts and minds, an echoe of ever-connected consciousness. The author, who is also initiated into the secrets of cosmic surgery and has been performing it for years in Slovenia and abroad –  except she does it through sound -, describes her experience of opening cosmic portals within herself and the activation of cosmic-earthly portals in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, the Philippines, on Hawaii...

The Philippine cosmic surgeons still nurture the bond connecting them to the legendary heritage of Lemuria and Atlantis, guiding us through the well of Truth. Mirit describes her first experience of this incredible surgery among the Brazilian surgeons, a night spent on the Philippine sacred mountain in a mythical city, the Philippine fortune telling by using tree leaves, adventures by the enchanted lake and the sonic therapy of a young medium, Philippine integral healing of their most renowned surgeons, erasing the obstacles of karma and the mythological and legendary tradition on the exceptional abilities of Lemurians, which have inspired locals and awakened the consciousness of spiritual seekers up to this day.