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Published in: 2011
Published by: Primus
Format: Paperback
No.of pages: 400
Dimensions: 16,5 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 978-961-6804-30-1
Price: 25,00 EUR + shipping

Published in: 2019
Published by: Inštitut Sventovid
Format: Paperback
No.of pages: 453
Dimensions: 17 x 24,4 cm
ISBN: 978-961-7084-00-9
Price: 26,50 EUR + VAT + shipping




Volume 1

Life without Food and the Timelessness of Spiritual Messages
of the North American Indians

The author of the book series COSMIC TELEPATHY, who holds a PhD in musicological sciences and a BA in ethnology, free researcher and spiritual seeker Mira Omerzel – Mirit has written this 9-volume book series on diverse cultures to describe her life experience in unveiling the mysteries of life, of audible and inaudible sound and the invisible energy giving birth to and attuning all there is. She touched upon the wisdom of diverse civilisations and described meetings with wise-ones, healers, shamans, spiritual teachers and leaders of diverse peoples, ethnic groups and cultures. She has been travelling among them for the past ten years (from 2000 to 2010). The forty-year research and deep examination of the sound cultures of the past has unveiled and dictated her role of a wisdom-keeper of her own Slavic and Slovenian spiritual and musical tradition and a runner connecting the spiritual knowledge of diverse peoples and civilisations into a unified whole or a unique, integral planetary wisdom. In this nine-volume book series (flirting with the symbolism of nine consciousness levels) she takes the reader into the ancient wisdom of our ancient forefathers from ahead of our age. It has unjustly been called “heathen” and unreal. In truth, it is the other way around. In each one of the volumes, Mirit tries to protrude into one fundamental layer of the past multi-layer spiritual knowledge of our ancestors. When we understand and accept one topic (volume), we can continue our journey into the other as if we were ascending the nine steps of the Mayan pyramid. However, only all of them together make integral sense of the key life knowledge and lead us into understanding our own (Slavic and Slovenian) being and culture, which relieves the burden of our chaotic search for our own and our planetary identity, unveiling the path towards satisfied bliss. It is time they have been reawakened. 

In the first volume, she writes about her ten-year experience of life without food, which has permanently connected her to the Source and the different dimensions of being. She has touched upon the ancient rituals of diverse peoples excluding any food of liquid. Renouncing food in the past as well as the present has had a single purpose - a body, purified in such a way, and dedication to the cosmic primary force of life constitute an opportunity to connect to the Source or soul, which refines all senses (physical and telephatic) to be able to perceive the sound of the subtle levels of consciousness or the realms constituting our reality.

The Ancients regard sound, which is in fact everything visible and invisible, palpable and impalpable, as an axis of consciousness or a glorious tool and technology of the ancient past bringing us messages and encouragement for the future. Through wise thoughts of the North-American Indians, she travels the wise road of the spirit, rhythm and sound. Sound, which is a frequency energy undulation, represents a communication system of the Universe. And it is time for us to re-establish and revive the forgotten ecology of sound, as well as inaudible vibration of mind and thoughts. In the first volume, the author touches upon the wisdom of Navajo and Hopi Indians, as well as Apache, Cherokee and Maya. This researcher, artist, spiritual teacher and medium for inaudible life energy has described her life journey from the bottom or from weakness and illness to the down-right miraculous capacities of a human being - cosmic telepath and medium, healer and spiritual teacher. The entire series is an account of the search for the lost key to happiness, abundance and health. The author, who is of course also a researcher and keeper of her own Slovenian and Slavic tradition, unveils the forgotten sparks of wisdom of diverse cultures: for the knowledge of the past to be able to help us attain the enlightened goal or the multidimensional awakened awareness in the Great Mysteries of life also in the future. For us to be able to again live the attunement of the cosmic or Heaven on Earth. The Indian sun-dance connects us to the earthly and cosmic dimensions, showing us how to attain the wakefulness of the eagle, jaguar and serpent, how to establish a medicine wheel and integral consciousness of all-connectedness and how to discover the visions and effective sound beyond the material world or the rhythm of accord and awaken our dormant (telephatic) abilities. The initiation teachings of the Ancients moreover offer the opportunity of out-of-body travel through the dimensions or realms of reality. Hopi and Mayan prophecies open the gate to the cosmic-earthly evolution of consciousness and momentary existence. According to the Mayan suppositions, we are currently living in an exceptional time period, when human consciousness is able to re-awaken within itself even a thousand years old knowledge and revive it for the benefit of all Earth’s beings. Consciousness is boundless. We are re-discovering its keys. Furthermore, the ability to live without food might come in handy in the future.