About the Book




Volume 4

The Mysteries of Life, Death, and Soul
in the Ancient Vedic Lore of the Balinese in Indonesia

The book tackles the out-of-body interdimensional voyage of the wise in Indonesia or Bali, where people still live the undistorted ancient Vedic wisdom. Bali is therefore like Mecca to the spiritual seekers of the ancient wisdom. Visiting the wise-ones and healers of different levels of consciousness and teachings, among the clairvoyants, seers and cosmic telepaths or balians tapankan and balians taxu, the author (spiritual teacher and healer) experienced the wisdom of those who know how to overcome the threshold of the physical world. The main yarn of the inaudible sound weaving in this volume is dedicated to unveiling the laws of life and death and the Indonesian wise-one's talking to the dead. The ancient knowledge on life and death is of key importance. Without it, one cannot understand the life pulse of the ancient cultures. And it seems they are also much wider and more subtle. Who says our views are correct? They are even much too narrow, which is confirmed by our experience. Therefore, the author also describes her own near-death experiences and tries to clarify them within the framework of the ancient notions. The writer discovers the ancient way by which the balians connect with the eternal essences of the dead souls and the ways of returning to the source Home or the Pre-principle of the soul. She clarifies how we can gain the power from our ancestors and how we can successfully struggle with the destructive practice of black magic. She describes the spiritual fights of the Indonesian priests and the materialisation and levitation (flying or overcoming the earth’s gravity), which she has also practiced herself. Mirit introduces the reader into the search for life and bodily balance, as well as the laws of maintaining cosmic order on Earth and in the Cosmos, she describes the cosmic axis and Trinity of the material, immaterial and the cosmic in line with the Balinese way. She speaks about the attainment of planetary and cosmic powers (siddhis), about Creation and the seven ray /frequency) qualities of Creation (so to speak). And, of course, above all about the afterlife and life after death, about guiding the dead souls on the level of souls into the realms beyond, about the destiny and contracts of the soul, the qualities of boundless and attuned consciousness, longing of the soul and immortality. She has enriched her writing with her own experience among the Balinese wise-ones. It seems as if time on Bali would stand still several millenia ago. That is why the newcomers get the feeling as if they are entering a fairy-tale, where heartiness, openness of the mind and spirit reflect the ancient language and sound-dance rituals of life. People here willingly become aware of the lessons in pain and suffering, which in spite of their poverty enriches them and makes them happy.