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Volume 5

The Timeless Weave of Mind and Abundance
of the Hawaiian Ka-huna Tradition

Among the most recent journeys, the author – scientist-musician, spiritual warrior and revivalist, who also loves to dance – visited the sound-movement paradise of the Hawaiian islands in the middle of the Pacific. Their myths and legends, carefully kept secrets of the millenia of inherited wisdom, tales and meetings with remarkable wise-ones and wisdom-keepers of ancient knowledge take us through a teaching that everyone holds within, but sadly, it is deeply embedded into the unconscious and the diverse levels of consciousness. The etheric sound body of the Hawaiian islands speaks of the frequency rainbow of the glorious ka-huna tradition and its secret teaching: of the breath and the diverse energy-frequency levels called aka, of Lon, the goddess Pele, the pahu drum, sound dimensions and powers of the Hawaiian language, word and movement. The author especially tackles the invocation and power of the present essences of the Ancients. The most important things happen when we connect the past to the present and direct it into the future. Mastering the mind and multidimensional consciousness and careful employment of sound are the most important tools of the ka-huna navigators when taking on the material and spiritual ocean. They also range high among the seafarers. Mirit describes her experience, the magic of the Hawaiian natives and their struggle for the revival of the forsaken knowledge and life wisdom, the story of reconstructing and success of the mythical sailing boat called Hokulea, and of course the “warrior knowledge”, grace and skill of the hula dance - the connectedness of movement (dance), music and essences of the ancestors into one.

The importance of transforming the emotional-mental heritage and inherited family patterns in the Hawaiian way unveils for us the path towards the power of manifestation and realisation of our desires and attunes the male and female logos. Mirit tells us about the contact with the eternally present essences of the enlightened ka-hunas. She unfolds a story of beauty within chaos. Similarly than in other ancient age traditions, the Hawaiian initiates developed their wisdom (huna) and spiritual abilities for at least 20 years in order to comprehend the aloha essence of kindness and the laws of harmony and balance. The magic of inaudible sound also dwells here, in the frequency alchemy of huna and the dance expression hula, which is part of the spiritual inheritance ka-huna and the Mysteries of life. Of course one cannot disregard the spiritual guides called amakue, heirs of the extraordinary abilities of the legendary Lemuria (Mu), among others the interdimensional travels through levels of consciousness. The researcher points out the vices of rigid thinking, which can constitute a great disease. And then there is the ka-huna widsom of integral healing and conscious changing of reality with the power of words, thoughts, prayers and the uttering of sacred names. The kahunas and the cosmic telephats menehunas have survived into the atomic age despite Christian violence and interdictions and can still help people and successfully connect even with star essences. The Hawaiians today have issued an accelerated search for forms of self-maintenance and self-sufficiency, which leads them to revive the ancient wisdom.