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Volume 3

The Alchemy of Harmony between the Earth and the Sky
of Prehistoric Wisdom and Siberian Shamans

Prehistory is spiritually much more interesting and variegated than we dare to admit. The millenia BC were culturally and spiritually extremely rich and more integral in their cognitions of multidimensional being. The archaeological witnessing – especially the finds of bone musical instruments – bear witness to the remarkable philosophy of the primordial sound, confirming the mythological contents of life, for instance the ancient bear cult: not only in Europe, but on other continents as well. The Siberian shamans called kam still protect and live the prehistoric spirituality. Through the millenia, they have managed to safeguard the ancient customs and rituals, ways of connecting spirit and matter and healing. Despite the diverse forceful religious pressures and the bloody repression in the past two millenia, they are still remarkable witnesses and safe-keepers of the prehistoric or ancient age mentality, which in its symbolic way could and knew how to connect the human consciousness, mind and ear - the cosmic and the earthly.

The author – artist, keen researcher of diverse cultures and historic periods and energy-sound therapist – has spent several years researching the history of the oldest (bone) musical instruments on earth. In 2008, she visited the wise-ones, healers and shamans in Khakassia and Tuva and way happy and full of wonder to discover that in her experience among the Siberian kams, she touched upon the inherited prehistoric knowledge. As if she were to return into the prehistoric times! The Siberian present time has never lost the tradition and magic of the multidimensional sound and consciousness and its bond with the Source Intelligence called the Black Sky. Life’s pulse in that part of the world gives meaning to the past and leads into the future. The Siberians themselves say to.

The book starts with the inventory of the Slavic soul and, after the first experience of the “singing train”, takes us to the kurgans in the Valley of the Tzars, tackles the sound laser, the vedun-magi, the power of Siberian words and sound and the hidden knowledge or wisdom of the “upper people” and the seekers of truth in that country. It tackles the sacredness of horses, especially dear to the author (her first book was precisely about horses), the symbolism of nine levels of shamanic drums, the prehistoric healing stone megaliths that are still working and still in use, and describes the group shamanic ritual in the sacred valley of Kazanovka. Mirit describes her experience of kamlanje or energy healing ritual with the Khakassian and Tuvan shamans and their ritual drums. In the "centre of Asia", she performed the ritual together with them in order for the ancient wisdom never to fall into oblivion and in order to reawaken it.  

The author then explains the power of the dead shaman in a birch tree stump, the wooden bivouac called yurta, which represents the model of Cosmos on Earth, and the grace of the cosmic vibrations of the Great Bear Female, the mythic drum, the blessing and “giving soul” to the drums and the ritual by the sacred well in the heart of a rock. Speciall attention is also paid to the algysh of the heavenly shamans, representing a cosmic telepathy song creation in the momentary inspiration of the shamans performing the kamlanje ritual. Even among the Siberian shamans, sound is, of course, the most important tool in connecting to the Earth and the Source, while the extraordinary technique of throat singing represents a unique mirror of nature and a (ritual) tool to strengthen the body and spirit. With the wisdom of Siberian shamans, we return to the timelessness of mind and heart and reconsider and check our attitude towards ancient past and its cognitions that are able to make us aware and teach us even in the present time.