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Volume 9

The Light-Sound Threads of Songs, Myths, and Fairy Tales
of the Ancient Slovenes

Therefore, the Slavic and ancient Slovenian heritage stems from Indo-European and ancient Vedic spiritual tradition, the Egyptian and Greek culture. However, through centuries and millenia, we are able to trace similar searches and techniques of establishing harmony and health. Mirit – who today holds a PhD in etnomusicological science and started to research her Slovenian musical tradition already at age 15 –, in her previous volumes took us across teh wise knowledge of diverse spiritual traditions, trying to unveil the most important life discoveries of our ancient planetary ancestors. Namely, their knowledge still contains extraordinary power and message even for today's world. In fact, the contemporaries again return to the magnificence of the formerly forsaken wisdom which brings us to its knees! All the previous volumes of this book series on the spiritual teachings of different cultures indirectly contribute to the unveiling of the beingness of our own ancient Slovenian spiritual tradition. For a better and kinder tomorrow.  

The essence of ancient spiritual messages is hidden and discovered in fairy-tales, tales, songs of the ancient world, the diversity of symbols, figures of Divinities and rituals, addressing our soul or consciousness for it to remember the eternal knowledge (even without learning)! Therefore, the language of the audible and inaudible sound of songs, tales, expressions and customs is sacred - a sacred reminder and an indispensable guide through the labyrinth of life, opening the door to happiness and abundance. All we have to do is learn how to listen. The author therefore also describes the experience of opening the “cosmic portals or gates” leading to higher levels of consciousness, also stripping time and space and overcoming them both. She also speaks of her own therapeutic experience and the experience of attendants of her Veduna school for consciousness development, of the miracles on the sacred mountain of Krn and repairing the (energy) damage in the archaeologically important town of Vučedol, recently affected by the war between Serbs and Croatians. She describes the ascent of the sacred tree or heavenly ladder or the axis of multidimensional consciousness and the ever-present necessity to arrive to the top.

Magical formulas, sorcery, beseechments, superstition and sorcerers, legends on the creation of the world, on the expired and returning golden age of pure ever-connected consciousness ahead of us, remnants of the ancient Slovenian shamans (the kresnik and the vedomec), all of this is preserved in our folk culture. It bears witness to the ancient wisdom of awakening and tuning into the joyful peace of well-being, even though the mentioned reminders of Slovenian culture have been distorted in the past two millenia to the point of losing their essence. The half-past folk medicine is therefore still an important source in discovering the former glory of the forsaken knowledge. Even Slovenian folk culture has preserved fragments on the cosmic consciousness, the extraordinary and almost unbelievable abilities of ancient Slovenian healers, and touches upon the battle for ancient religion or ancient justice. The Slavs and ancient Slovenians were keen to defend their ancient religion dictating the connection between the earthly and the cosmic, which was thus never entirely forgotten. It is possible to reconstruct it even today – in the silent mind of the silent knowledge of ever-connectedness and surrender. We can thus seek help in the myths of sacred stones and gifts from the stars (so called cosmic initiations), folk prayers and songs about the sun and the moon, sound masters of rhythm, Earth and the underworld, the conscious and unconscious, the Creation ... Furthermore, the symbolism of sacred numbers – 3, 7, 9, 12 – indicating the initiation voyage of our forefathers through the Mysteries of being, the power of transformation and multiple layers of beings. Especially articulate are the December rituals of our ancestors, the messages of Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and other European songs and fairy-tales, and of course the fragments of Slovenian customs indicating a story of a past, much more harmonious philosophy of life also in Slavic and Slovenian space. In fact, there are equal or at least similar keys everywhere and in all traditions, similar ethics and symbolism addressing the human spirit and acting as reminding help in the human awakening into the enlightened cosmic consciousness, attracting the memory from the unconscious to the conscious. They awaken the dormant awareness and the undiscovered abilities residing in each one of us and waiting to be awakened, not unlike Sleeping Beauty.

Mirit, who helped many spiritual teachers at home and abroad expand their consciousness, also described in this volume the pleasures and traps of working with people and spiritual teaching, which have to become known to every spiritual teacher, healer or shaman.  

Even the Slovenian traditions expresses the threefold fundamental wisdom of the cosmic, the spiritual and the earthly: 7, 9 or even 12 levels, realms or dimensions of consciousness, similar initiatory death of all distortions and a similar symbolism of the energy, frequency or sonic reality, as well as the soul longing for completeness and ever-connectedness. We are able to find common denominators also in the diverse reminders and techniques of awakening, holistic healing and expansion of consciousness ... Meanwhile, sound in all cultures represents the most important transformation tool, life yarn and weaving of consciousness, mind and emotions or heart, all of which can manifest our visions and desires only in harmony with each other. The ancient wisdom is again offering its help in the manifestation of human purpose on Earth.