About the Book




Volume 2

The Boundless Singing Links of Body and Spirit
of the Mexican Mayans

Part I - The Dimensions of Timelessness and Eternity in Mayan Culture

Part II - The Sound Alchemy, Spirit, Soul, and Consciousness of the Ancient Mayans

Mayan culture is perhaps one of the most glorious, richest or most conscious civilisations that have ever inhabited the Earth, but have fallen into oblivion. This is why the ancient Maya still stir debates among the contemporaries. Mirit as a musician, sound therapist and guide to other levels of consciousness is trying to unveil the curtain from the Mayan life scenery above all through the help of sound and boundless consciousness. The Mayan initiates knew the history of Earth’s evolution and the evolution of human spiritual development. In this volume, the author describes the ritual initiation journey of the Ancients into a multidimensional or, in a manner of speaking, nine-dimensional cosmic consciousness or the Pre-source of Creation – into the Trinity of the cosmic, spiritual and physical, which is, similarly to the perception of life and death, of key importance to the understanding of ancient cultures and being. It unveils to the reader the way to ascend the nine-dimensional axis of consciousness (in a manner of speaking) through the material and immaterial world and 9 levels of integrity and perfection. It opens the holy temple with 7 doors through the diverse realms of reality, its key being sound – cosmic rhythms or the breath of the universe in the rhythms of life. Sound is the connecting and finest tool of the ancient priests – artists or travellers through the dimensions of time, space, timelessness and eternity. The author describes ancient Mayan rituals, such as the supplication for rain and ways to become in tune with all levels of being and existence, the priestly ball game, the transforming ways of entering the new when it is time for the old to fall apart; the power of cellular memory or sensual and mental imprints in the etheric field, the symbolism of blood, but above all the revolution of the consciousness of the centre or unity and the way towards the silent knowledge of the Universe. The writer and spiritual warrior discovers all this through sound octaves or the singing ties – codes of immortality, which vibrate when the mind falls silent. Ascending the levels of the pyramid is a symbol of ascending the levels or axis of consciousness. Such a journey is the goal of the ancient spiritual warriors and the purpose of our life’s search. The rigid old logic must make way for the dignity of connectedness to all levels of reality, and also to all manifested forms or beings. This kind of philosophy was also consciously lived by the ancient Maya. Sacredness and forms of the ancient ritual places (also the Mayan temples and pyramids) bear witness to the eternal Logos and immortality of spiritual messages and enable us to attune our minds, souls and hearts. The author is trying to revive the ancient Mysteries of the Mayan and planetary ancestors in the unveiling of the symbolism of life and death as well as the magic of love, which is glue, connecting the universal to the earthly. The ancient Maya, as well as the wise-ones of other cultures and civilisations, persistently attempted to overcome the limits of time and space in order to attain the remarkable capacities of a galactic meta-human or a perfect being who was able to return to his starting point – to the Centre. A centred person is meanwhile able to regain his lost or dormant abilities to manifest his personal planetary dream.